Your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer


At BlackTusk Business Solutions we deliver marketing results backed by real-time data to drive qualified leads for your business with a measurable return on your investment. Our team of marketing experts learn your target market search behaviour inside and out by data mining and analyzing their user behaviors across all digital platforms.

Our approach has delivered successful and measurable results for our regionally and locally-focused clients across North America. This cost-effective, results-driven approach to increasing qualified lead generation is what has made our marketing service plan effective.

We specialize in Generating:

Modernized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
methods from certified Google team members that improve your page ranking, making you much more visible to searching prospects.

Advanced Lead Generation Strategies
and Customer Relationship Management procedures producing qualified leads from the web today and tomorrow.


Cost-Effective Digital Media Buying Tactics
engineered from certified PPC specialists with over 15 years of intelligence 
designed to minimize your cost per acquisition and 
generate measurable results. 

We Provide In-depth Competitor Evaluation 
That tells you where and what your competitors are advertising - enabling us to implement a customized strategy that differentiates you from your competitors.


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