February 3, 1945 - The World's First Tweet

We've all heard one account or another around the saying "if I had more time I would have made this message shorter". It is true, less is more, but it sure isn't easy to accomplish. Twitter has forced us to improve our ability to get a key message across in 140 characters (unless you are one of those who writes four tweets for one message).

It got me thinking about the power of less.  I was once presenting at a Board meeting explaining our new two word brand slogan.  The Chairman said he didn't like it, but the President said he thought it was very good, but also very challenging to get a message across in just two words. The Chairman's response..."F*** Y**! Did I get my message across in two words?"  Fair enough.

Back in WWII, messages were dropped from planes as propaganda but also for key information delivery behind enemy lines.  On February 3rd, 1945 when the Americans flew over the Phillipines they dropped messages into the American interment camp that read "Roll out the barrel, your Christmas will be here today or tomorrow." What an important message delivered in so few words. This to me, would have been one of the first tweets. All in well under 140 characters and it was delivered over the airways!  

So, remember the power of less.  It's hard to do but worthy of your effort.  So in conclusion...less is more (no need to say more…).

Posted on April 30, 2014 .